Moving image and music has always been a huge passion of mine.  I grew up within a very creative family, always watching films and listening to music... I would stay up until the early hours when I was a kid to watch the Oscars.  

A degree in Video Production was the next big step, followed by working within the fashion industry in Manchester as a photographer/videographer, before honing in on my video-making passion.

My work conveys how much I love getting to know my clients, their friends and family. There's nothing more fulfilling than capturing the joys and anticipation of a wedding from beginning to end, then creating a short film for the happy couple to watch (and maybe shed a few tears over) for years to come! 

I love travel and all things creative, so you’ll probably catch me on a city break, at the latest event night, exhibition or gig and definitely in a coffee house in the Northern Quarter daydreaming/thinking up my latest exciting venture!